a sandbar in the hamptons

one of the most beautiful, special, wonderful days this summer was spent in the hamptons, photographing two friends- mara & casey- and their families. first up was mara’s family, and we spent most of our time on the beach, outside their home, and…. drumroll……. there was also this moment when brian asked, “do you want to walk out to the sandbar?” at which point i think i just stared blankly, trying to figure out if he was being serious. i mean, COME ON. OBVIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY? we waded out, and i proceeded to pinch myself and repeat not-so-quietly, “WHAT IS HAPPENING!? HOW IS THIS REAL?!” so many times, that they likely questioned my professionalism. it didn’t help that the jumper i was wearing was weighed down with water, then covered in wet sand, so per usual, i was looking particularly fabulous.

so here’s the deal. 2020 is right around the corner. trips are planned, others are in the works, and i want to photograph you whether you’re in nyc or somewhere else. contact me to schedule a shoot, or look here to see if i’m coming to your home turf. let’s create more of this. the new, and the special, and the magical.


fall family photos in central park

there’s a reason everyone schedules family photos for the fall- there is no better time of year in central park than now. it seems like every tree is on a different schedule, just so they can show off how amazing they each are, even though they blend in with one another the rest of the year. MAGIC.

ready to capture your family in central park this fall? let’s do it!

maternity + home tour

some photos of the most beautiful mom-to-be, in the most beautiful apartment.

maternity photos don’t have to be “maternity photos,” and photos of your home don’t have to just be perfectly staged “home photos.”

no house will ever be perfect, or ready, or done, but stopping where you’re at now and remembering this time in a place that is meaningful to you is all that matters. this day (over a year ago now) was so special!

do you want photos in your own home/apartment/space? LET ME KNOW! it doesn’t have to be ready or perfectly lit (#nyc), or just as you wish it could be. let’s do it just as it is. as you are.


a nyc elopement!

i LOVE photographing elopements in new york city! merel & arthur snuck away from their home in the netherlands to elope here in the city, and shared the news with their family & friends via these photos after they returned home!

congratulations & thank you for letting me help capture some of your wedding day! xoxo

central park proposal!

kirby set up a surprise weekend in NYC for megan, including this dress she’d been wanting, and a photoshoot to capture their time together. mid-shoot, he dropped down on his knee and proposed! proposals are so sweet. proposals that are caught on camera, are extra sweet:)

images for flytographer.

sam & ryan's nyc cookie quest

i always love meeting up with these two beauties. sam & ryan finished their great nyc cookie quest at one of my favorite spots, dangerously close to my place, and we added a few film photos to celebrate all that sugar.

more of their cookie tour here.

if you’re in nyc, let me know. we’ll grab cookies. and get photos while we’re at it;)

***while i predominantly shoot digital, i love to shoot film as well- contact me & well chat!

free fries in soho

HEADSHOTS. On the streets of New York. 99.999% of the time normal ol’ people tell me they are horrendously uncomfortable taking solo pictures - it feels bizarre and unnatural and vulnerable. “I don’t know what to do!” is *always* said. But these images always end up being some of my favorites- they end up feeling so amazing and raw and personal.

SoHo has some of the best architecture and variety, and makes the perfect backdrop for city shots.

Coming to NYC, or are you already here? HIT ME UUUUUP;)

CLASS (of 2019)

kimbel in nyc.

coming to nyc? LEMME KNOW. trips are the perfect time to capture not only family photos, but pics with girlfriends, siblings, and/or SOLO! *also, if the weather is less than ideal, it’ll give you an excuse to show off the clothes you bought for your trip that are mostly just hiding and not being seen in your selfies, so… there’s that. ;) * kimbel is a huge theater girl, so shooting in times square and around the upper west side made perfect sense. we had thebesssttttiiime.

#WOCthebook: CONGRATULATIONS, Latonya!

today is the day! it’s BOOK RELEASE DAY for my amazing friend, latonya!

Woman of Color is beautiful and powerful and inspirational. i’m not a reader, but this reads so much different than a normal book. latonya, i’m so proud of you! congratulations x 1,000,000!

*also, so thrilled that this next photo is featured in her book! also, a bunch of other photos from some of our shoots together in 2018…