mini with marta & her family...

i am behind. SO BEHIND! i had so many amazing sessions the weeks leading up to christmas (which are now feeling lost in my digital files); i found myself in rockefeller center on an almost-daily basis staring at the most incredible christmas sights. somehow, the lights and sounds of the city have a way of never getting old (the crowds? the crowds get old). it's magic in every sense. this mini session with marta & her family can't be forgotten. here are a few from our time together...

brandon & jasmine are engaged!

this is one of my favorite proposals i've done in the city! brandon & jasmine are from newfoundland, and the play "come from away" holds a special place in their hearts- especially jasmine's. brandon planned a surprise birthday trip to nyc for jasmine, and threw in an incredibly perfect proposal as well. why not, eh? ;) 

these two were so incredibly kind and loving, and were a total dream in letting me follow them around for the next bit to capture some of the lovliest parts of fall in nyc. 

i'm so thrilled for you both!!

images for flytographer in nyc.

Live like Kevin McCallister at the Plaza Hotel this Christmas!

I had the chance to shoot for Flytographer in partnership with the Plaza Hotel & the Huffington Post for the Plaza's special "Live Like Kevin" experience at the hotel this Christmas season! 

Read more from the Huffington Post about the most festive NYC-only holiday experiences here, and book your own "Live Like Kevin" by visiting the Plaza's website. *cough, cough* Might I recommend the suite??;)

lejdja & her family in brooklyn...

lejdja, her husband, and her sweet little man were joined by some of lejdja's family for our shoot in brooklyn. the pictures (and being with them that day) sent my mind spiraling back to my childhood. i said this on instagram, but i just felt my mind flood with memories of my grandpa. of my grandparents. family relationships. uniqueness of our individual circumstances. the bonds we share. and the stories pictures can tell if we use our lens (like our eyes) to just observe and capture...

at home with the humphreys in brooklyn

there is something so intimate about a shoot in someone's home. if i had to choose a place to shoot, homes would win, hands down, every time. homes are places of safety and comfort. they're where genuine love and happiness can be felt. the vibe of families who let me come into their space is tangible. it's so, so special! home shoots aren't nearly as common in nyc because most homes are small. belongings are more-so temporary. light is sparse. plus, the city is just so alive, home shoots tend to be few and far in between. naturally, when catie reached out and asked me to shoot her darling family, i was thrilled. i had no idea just how good it was going to be!!

little lyla is just days younger than harvey, so going into this, my heart was swooning at the thought of another gummy grin, and getting to pinch the sweetest of cheeks on that darling wobbly head!? 3 months old, guys. it's just so magical.

their welcome was warm. their apartment was lovely (to put it mildly). their brooklyn high-rise view was breathtaking. i can't get enough...

The Hammells in Central Park

remember lucy?! (click here to see her 1st birthday party.) this time around, lucy was healthy, happy, and pleasant as could be. really, anytime i can get down and hang with small people and they offer to share their toy, i feel like we’ve bonded. you know? :) as we explored busy central park, lucy kept looking back at me- as i crawled around, snapping away with my camera. following her. making an insane amount of noise and hullabaloo as we pranced around. as one does when they're me.

also, please take note of drew's killer shoes- drew is the man behind nike stories. you can see more of his insane sneakers here.

and now, for our time in the park...

Tubby Todd: Big City Tubby!

I was so exited when Tubby Todd reached out and asked me to photograph their Big City Tubby Fall '17 line! It's a limited edition set, inspired by my very favorite city, THE BIG APPLE! The only thing that could possibly make this better was the chance to work with one of my very favorite people- Mari Spiker- who handled the styling. Shooting took place all over Manhattan & Brooklyn, and included some darling kiddos (although I'm slightly partial since 2/6 were my own;) 

Check out Tubby Todd online or via their Instagram for more details!

Alison & her family in Riverside Park

It’s incredibly rare to meet a family from Manhattan- legit, born and raised, and for more than 1 generation! When Alison and I talked prior to our shoot together, she mentioned wanting to spend time together in Riverside Park, in particular, on these rocks and at this playground since this is a special place to her kids & husband (he played here as a child, too!). It’s so fascinating- this job is- learning and being a tiny part of lives for an instant is such a joy. I realize my photography style isn’t for everyone. But I shoot the way I love to see the world- I shoot the way I want to be remembered. And I hope I’m able to grab an hour of the lives of others in a way that they’ll remember. The sticky, dirty faces. The sibling rivalries. The glances between partners. The way the blazing sunlight hits hair and freckles and wrinkles.

This is what makes photography magic to me- the relationships between others and their world. I can’t get enough!

CAP Beauty's Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima for Glitter Guide

Living in NYC has been fulfilling for my soul in so many ways- I feel like I've always been more pragmatic than creative, but being surrounded by such diversity, creativity, and an innate fight for individual passion leaves me with a desire to dig deeper! It's been such a fascinating look into the minds of others- how and why they create. Motivation. Success. Redefinition.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to shoot Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima at their West Village store, CAP Beauty, for Glitter Guide. CAP Beauty focuses on clean, pure, natural beauty products and services. Not only was the store a total sensory dream, but it literally felt alive- bright, airy, and cleansing! You can read the full story about CAP Beauty here on Glitter Guide

bourne family: from holland to brooklyn

trust me when i say that pictures are the best souvenir ever! it could be the pregnancy hormones, but man, this shoot just made every part of me tingly with joy and love and excitement. whether you're living in the city or visiting the city, i want to capture it all- let's meet up!! i also want to add that one of the best parts of these sessions together is that the pressure is off. no holiday card obligations. no perfect outfit searches. no forced poses or meaningless locations. it's about your family- your time, your interactions, your reactions, and your experiences together. it's FUN.

yana & her family were visiting nyc from holland, and i was thrilled when they reached out and asked to meet up in brooklyn, letting me tag along as they experienced a little part of new york city. clearly, they're BEAUTIFUL, but my gosh, they were the absolute kindest, most loving, genuine family. complimentary and gentle, and incredibly hilarious (in both their interactions with each other and with me).

here's a bit from our tour-o-dumbo + the brooklyn bridge just before dusk on a beautiful almost-spring eve...

Lucy turns 1!

happy 1st birthday to sweet lucy! the birthday girl was so sick for her party that she didn't leave her mom's side the entire time- but she was such a champ (she faired much better than i do when i'm feeling terrible)! lucy passed out cold during her cake cutting/singing time (equally sad & hilarious), and miraculously only cried once at the very end! 

the party was beautiful!! i'm always so touched when as hard as i try to blend into the walls, people welcome me with open arms- which these guys did. congratulations to this darling family for thriving during that crazy/awesome first year!

have a celebration coming up?? let me know! rain/shine/freezing weather- you name it (stella the march blizzard is happening! as we speak)!

Adams Family

melodie & her family are a photographer’s dream. they oozed style, class, and massive amounts of love and awesomeness. they were casual and fun, and truly let us do my favorite thing there is to do in nyc- EXPLORE (insert me stalking them with a camera;) 

we walked and rode and ate our way around central park, bryant park, the plaza hotel, and more. it was a holiday dreeeeeam! also, we discovered probably the greatest hot chocolate i’ve ever had at no chewing allowed. in case you are in need.

if you’re in nyc and want me to get all up in your personal space, shoot me an email!

Phillips Family

i said this already on instagram, but i feel like when young people imagine themselves with kids, they probably envision themselves as these guys (#cool). jenn was the first person to befriend me after we moved to the city- her husband worked with my boss in dc, so we were connected that way. (thank heavens for good connections!) jenn always makes me feel included and way cooler than i actually am. she’s my nearest neighbor, and she’s hilarious & a ridiculously fun mom. if anyone needs to know how to make nyc work for a family, jenn’s the girl you need to talk to.

now that january is here it's time to catch up on some reeeally fun shoots i did right at the end of 2016. starting with the phillips right here in our 'hood.

looking forward to all 2017 has in store!! 

Leavitt Family

you know those people in your life that literally ooze (for lack of a more eloquent word) goodness? the leavitts are some of those people. they are kind and sweet and genuine. they're humble and generous. they're thoughtful and sincere. jenny always has a smile on her face at all times- even through tears, that girl exudes light. it was such an honor to take their pictures as they prepared for their second (miracle) baby. 

and to answer the question i know if on your mind, yes, that is jenny's hair.
and yes, it always looks that amazing.