Lucy turns 1!

happy 1st birthday to sweet lucy! the birthday girl was so sick for her party that she didn't leave her mom's side the entire time- but she was such a champ (she faired much better than i do when i'm feeling terrible)! lucy passed out cold during her cake cutting/singing time (equally sad & hilarious), and miraculously only cried once at the very end! 

the party was beautiful!! i'm always so touched when as hard as i try to blend into the walls, people welcome me with open arms- which these guys did. congratulations to this darling family for thriving during that crazy/awesome first year!

have a celebration coming up?? let me know! rain/shine/freezing weather- you name it (stella the march blizzard is happening! as we speak)!

Candace & Scott's Reception

I have never met such laid-back, genuinely in-love newlyweds as these two. Their love was pure and kind and calm. It was stable and seriously inspiring. It was amazing. To boot, their families are probably the greatest- they took me in like their own, and we chatted the evening away!

In addition to partying with them, I also had a bite of their wedding cake- which was probably the best cake I've ever eaten (and it was made by Scott's parents!!!). Also, I must share that the pretzels at the Bavarian Chef... well, there are no words. Heart eyes all day long.