free fries in soho

HEADSHOTS. On the streets of New York. 99.999% of the time normal ol’ people tell me they are horrendously uncomfortable taking solo pictures - it feels bizarre and unnatural and vulnerable. “I don’t know what to do!” is *always* said. But these images always end up being some of my favorites- they end up feeling so amazing and raw and personal.

SoHo has some of the best architecture and variety, and makes the perfect backdrop for city shots.

Coming to NYC, or are you already here? HIT ME UUUUUP;)

CLASS (of 2019)

kimbel in nyc.

coming to nyc? LEMME KNOW. trips are the perfect time to capture not only family photos, but pics with girlfriends, siblings, and/or SOLO! *also, if the weather is less than ideal, it’ll give you an excuse to show off the clothes you bought for your trip that are mostly just hiding and not being seen in your selfies, so… there’s that. ;) * kimbel is a huge theater girl, so shooting in times square and around the upper west side made perfect sense. we had thebesssttttiiime.