a sandbar in the hamptons

one of the most beautiful, special, wonderful days this summer was spent in the hamptons, photographing two friends- mara & casey- and their families. first up was mara’s family, and we spent most of our time on the beach, outside their home, and…. drumroll……. there was also this moment when brian asked, “do you want to walk out to the sandbar?” at which point i think i just stared blankly, trying to figure out if he was being serious. i mean, COME ON. OBVIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY? we waded out, and i proceeded to pinch myself and repeat not-so-quietly, “WHAT IS HAPPENING!? HOW IS THIS REAL?!” so many times, that they likely questioned my professionalism. it didn’t help that the jumper i was wearing was weighed down with water, then covered in wet sand, so per usual, i was looking particularly fabulous.

so here’s the deal. 2020 is right around the corner. trips are planned, others are in the works, and i want to photograph you whether you’re in nyc or somewhere else. contact me to schedule a shoot, or look here to see if i’m coming to your home turf. let’s create more of this. the new, and the special, and the magical.


maternity + home tour

some photos of the most beautiful mom-to-be, in the most beautiful apartment.

maternity photos don’t have to be “maternity photos,” and photos of your home don’t have to just be perfectly staged “home photos.”

no house will ever be perfect, or ready, or done, but stopping where you’re at now and remembering this time in a place that is meaningful to you is all that matters. this day (over a year ago now) was so special!

do you want photos in your own home/apartment/space? LET ME KNOW! it doesn’t have to be ready or perfectly lit (#nyc), or just as you wish it could be. let’s do it just as it is. as you are.


Lucy turns 1!

happy 1st birthday to sweet lucy! the birthday girl was so sick for her party that she didn't leave her mom's side the entire time- but she was such a champ (she faired much better than i do when i'm feeling terrible)! lucy passed out cold during her cake cutting/singing time (equally sad & hilarious), and miraculously only cried once at the very end! 

the party was beautiful!! i'm always so touched when as hard as i try to blend into the walls, people welcome me with open arms- which these guys did. congratulations to this darling family for thriving during that crazy/awesome first year!

have a celebration coming up?? let me know! rain/shine/freezing weather- you name it (stella the march blizzard is happening! as we speak)!