Let's do this.


Lifestyle shoots include you (& your people), doing what you love- you can play, meditate, eat ice cream, cuddle- you name it. I'm there with my camera, capturing it all. The pretty, the silly, the fun, the relationships, and mostly the feelings. This isn't going to be your typical portrait session. Have someone you know isn't a fan of getting their picture taken? I GET IT. I promise, we'll make this fun! ***I can bring treats for incentive. I'm not above bribing children (or adults). 



Are you visiting New York City? Are you going somewhere here in the city? Let me go with you! I'll bring my camera!

Think back to the last time you were out with your favorite people having the best time and you thought to yourself, 'Wow, I really wish someone was taking a picture right now....' That person is totally me.

I am your personal paparazzi.

Candid shots are even better when you're doing what you want to be doing! Imagine exploring the city, visiting your favorite place, and/or trying something new (food included)- you can ignore me entirely if you'd like, but I'll still be there to capture it all! No selfie sticks, and no asking strangers to snap a picture. 



Coming to the city to propose!? GOOD THINKING! There are so many completely perfect, picturesque places to propose to your love; whether you have something in mind already, or if you need some ideas- I'm here to help. I promise to hang back just enough to give you your special moment, but also to be right there and help make sure you both remember that special moment forever! Shoot me an email and we can get started talking about how I can help you capture this insanely awesome day (and she/he will be SO proud of you for arranging a photographer, might I add).



Pricing is based on timing - choose either a 60 or 90-minute session. We can go to as many locations as you'd like together. All edited images are yours to keep, and are sent within 72-hours of our shoot. 

60-minutes = $425 (75+ edited images)

90-minutes = $500 (110+ edited images)

30-minute mini sessions ($275) are available periodically in Central Park. Contact me for information how to schedule a mini shoot.

*Applicable entrance and travel fees at the client's expense.



Don't see what you want? Contact me directly for commercial, wedding, or other session inquiries and pricing information.